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This is the first entry in the blog of this game focused site.

Why did we make this site?
We’ve made this site because there are a lot of different opinions in this world, you probably even have one yourself! Why should we listen to one or two game-sites who tell you which game is the best one to buy?

We give people the possibilty to add their own opinions to our site so you can choose between them. We also have made something in your profile so you can select your favorite game and your favorite game-genre. This is helpfull for people who read your reviews, so they can see if your opinion about games matches their own.

Why should you publish your opinion on this site?
First of all, people will be reading your stories because they want to know if they should buy a game. You’ll help them!
Not only that, but you will be helping yourself: if you have an adsense account, you can fill it in the form in your profile, your ads will be displayed 50% of the times above your own reviews/news posts and blog entrys (read the FAQ for more information).

I hope you will enjoy using this site. We will try to improve the site in all ways we can. Please leave a message @ Contact if you have some tips/questions/ideas, you will help us that way!


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