Sandstorm’s f cked up look PART 2

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Hi all,

I’m starting this weekly thing with part 2.. because I hate doing something for the first time~~~

But back to business. Im going to write a weekly blog entry about the developments in the gaming industry of that week.. Those entries are going to be very very very boring and im going to talk about very very boring subjects…….. so let’s go!!

Period 18-26th of June 2k7

This week we had some shocking developments, one of which was the news that Nintendo was worth more on the Japanese stock exchange market than Sony. This is quite a miraculous event when you keep in mind that Sony has more than only the gaming industry.. they make tv’s and shit too..

Something that was far less miraculous was the news that Manhunt 2 wasn’t going to be licensed by Nintendo in America.. because it got the rating adult only. That’s something we could’ve expected long before we saw anything about this game, because Manhunt is about killing people in sick ways.. So I don’t really know what’s new about this news….

Another nice rumor was in the EGM this week. The rumor states that at the end of 2k7 sony is going to release an add-on for the PS2, that gives you Wii mote abilities and that it’s going to be bundled with the console for just 99 Dollars… HOORAH!!! RIP-OFF.. How can Sony expect to get away with this.. ow yeah I forgot.. in the same way as they got away with their version of the d-pad…..

Something that’s really new news.. IS THAT THE Xbox360 ELITE is coming to EUROPE ON the 24th of august.. for the price of 450 euro’s…. this is very very very very very very nice new news….. The 360 elite suports a 120 gig HDD and a HDMI port. The new HDD will cost 180 euro’s when you buy it separately.

Strange things happen. Doctors now have stated that gaming isn’t an addiction. They’ve found out that the addiction to gaming is not the same kind of addiction as addiction to drugs or alcohol. Well it may not be the same kind of addiction.. but gaming is quite addicting.. I know some people who are addicted to WoW.. and that’s just not funny anymore….typical no life people.

Sandstorms weekly I NEED list

In this weekly list I’m showing a top 10 of games I really want to have:

1. Super Smash Brothers Brawl Wii:
It’s quite obvious why I just need this game.. the old Super Smash gameplay with sweet online mode… what does a man need else than that..Check for daily updates on game info.

2. Metroid Prime: Corruption Wii:
This one’s also quite clear. This week some new info got online from play magazine. They had a hands on and posted some screens of the game, and it looks sweet. They also state that Metroid 3 is going to be the biggest revolution in FPS history since the Halo control scheme. I just can’t wait. August 20 in America.

3. Mario galaxy Wii
Not much news about this title, but it stays in the list.

4. TLOZ: The Phantom Hourglass DS
This week Famitsu reviewed the title and it scored a stunning 39/40 plus all the gameplay movies just rock. A must have.

5. Too Human 360
This game is going to be very nice, a devil may cry hack ‘n slash style gameplay with Diablo RPG elements COMBINED. This is going to be an instant hit. Need it…

6. Assasin’s Creed ps3, 360
The only news this week about Assasin’s was the boxart.. and it looked quite sweet. Just a real must have. Free roaming game in old times combined with huge acrobatics. Just sweet

7.Lair ps3
This game is in the list only because of the dragons. They look so cool, nice new gameplay with on ground action and in air action. runs in BEAUTIFULL 1080p graphs. Drool..

8. Crysis pc
Huge graphics.. not more. The extra gameplay elements sound good as well.

9. Starcraft 2pc
Starcraft 2 just looks sweet, and it’s a new game from the supercool Blizzards dudes. Enough reasons to want the game.

10.Splinter Cell 4360
I saw the new gameplay movies the guys released a couple weeks ago and the crowd system looks sweet, and finally spy games out in the open, without all the shadow stuff. Kust sweet…

This is the end of this weekly blog post.. cyall



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