Sandstorms FUCKED UP LOOK pt 3

Posted in Uncategorized on October 21st, 2008 by Sandstorm

Hey all, long time no blog post (yeah i know, fucked up joke)

Well im going to keep this one short bcuz im going off to Vienna and Italy with the Viotta youth orchestra this night.. so here we go


The biggest news imo is about some wii games. First of all Nintendo has let us all know that Super Smash Brothers Brawl is in fact NOT playable at E3. This is quite shocking because it’s one of the 3 big uns to be released later this year. But something that’s quite superb about this title has been released too. Bowser will be present in the game and his super smash will be GIGA BOWSER, check the dojo for some pics of this gargantuan dude or check

Other news is the Umbrella chronicles for Wii will be very likely to have a co-op mode in which you can kill zombies together with a friend, something we’ve all be longing for… right?? well i like it.. The guys from CVG conclude this niceness from scans in which 2 crosshairs are shown..

Little plug in for meself… talking about Resident Evil, RE4 for wii is golden, GET IT

Game developer Codemaster held an election for the promo of the new game Overlord with the question who is the baddest man on earth, and guess what… IT’s GEORGE W. BUSH JR., well gz m8, u deserve it……..

fer the rest the usual scren leaks from halo 3 this week, and some new news of mgs4… wait did i just say MGS4?? I DID the news is that there will be a demo of MGS4 the 24th of JULY, so stay awake dudes and gals……….


well my musthave list is quite the same as last week, or im too lazy to think a new one.. u choose,

Im going to prep meself for the trip to come… soonest update possible??? 19th of July.. if not then, then 14th of August….

cyall. Sand


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