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Silkroad Online isn’t the first free MMORPG. In Asia, game companies make big profit on this type of games. What’s the deal? The game is obviously free, but you can buy premium content. Fair enough. But is it fun to play without buying stuff or is it just dog shit?

I must say, SRO was my first MMO experience, and it was great… for the first 30 minutes. The first quests really give you the sense that this game might be something. You walk around, deliver some useless stuff, kill some mobs. All right not bad. But what then? You walk around, deliver useless stuff, kill mobs that respawn every second. Sounds familiar? So, is that what you do the whole game? Basically yes, that’s the game in a nutshell.

Big guy: “I just shat in my pants, so I’m not in a good mood”.

If you’re bored with killing mobs, you can open a stall and wait I don’t know how long till somebody buys your stuff. Pretty original, isn’t it? Instead of getting rid of your shit by giving it to the auction house, you open a stall and wait countless hours before someone finally buys your shit. During this, you can’t play. So if both your inventory and storage are full, your fudged.

Something else that pisses me off. What’s up with the fudging lag? Sometimes the game is pretty much unplayable because of the stupid lag. Where the hell are these servers anyway?
There seems to be some kind of a players limit, because it’s almost impossible to log in regardless the time of day. The servers are allways full. Every time you open the game, you need to fill in you password and username, and most of the time you press conect, the game says: “Cannot connect due to server traffic”. Sometimes actually you  can log in, that is, you have type in a “KLAPKA” code, each time. But that doesn’t mean shit. 90% of the time the game says cannot connent bla bla bla disconnected from the server. BAM! Your instantly back where you began, your desktop. That’s right, the game just shuts off, whether you want it or not. So if you don’t have much patience, you need a tremendous amount of luck to log in.

Looks real nice huh? Appearances are deceiving…

Am I done? No of course not. There is much more to do in the game rather than killing mobs and selling shit. What about the jobs? There are three jobs: hunter, merchant and thief. You can imagine what they do to earn money. Is it fun? No. If you’r low level, there’s no chance you can be any of these three, because there is always a bad ass with a higher level who will spoil the fun.  

But still, the game isn’t that bad. The skills and spells are fun, and I got hooked to the game, just to get all the cool stuff and spells. But what then? There are no guild quests, no decent PVP system. You can fight other players, but you don’t get stats whatsoever. It’s just pointless. A complete waste of time.

There is also premium content, which is also a complete waste of time and money. The game doesn’t become a whole lot better with a monkey or a dog running around you collecting stuff and taking a shit. Or a XP helper that makes leveling a less dreadful. It’s still a pain in the ass. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that leveling up takes ages.

Closing comments

So if you aren’t cheap just “buy” a game. I can’t imagine WoW or Guild Wars being as shitty as this game. This is just a watse of time.

Score: 4


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