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Posted in Site News on October 24th, 2008 by Flo
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As you, as a loyal visitor of BBQ-Gaming (lol, do you exist?) will have noticed, I’ve changed the layout and the CMS of This does not only mean that the look of BBQ-Gaming has drastically changed, but it also means that you can’t post your stories anymore to this site. I’ve decided to do this because ┬ánobody really used this possibility, and it made BBQ-Gaming quite vulnerable for spam.

Some of the posts from the old layout are preserved, so there’s still some content. Nevertheless, I will be trying to keep this website regularly updated with some worthless opinions about games, consoles and other game-related content. On the other hand, I will try to make some games myself, and publish them on this website, although it’s very unclear when my first game will see the daylight.

have fun ^^


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  1. Vien Says:

    Lookking for a website to affiliate with? Let me know via email buddy or on xbox360 “Live tag is: Vienem”.

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