Epic…. fails yet again: more GoW2 bugs

Posted in glitches on November 26th, 2008 by Flo
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It’s interesting to see how many bugs you can put in one game, don’t they test the games before releasing them at all? The first Gears of war was full of bugs, but the second beats the first with astonishing numbers. So, what are the new bugs? First of all: two leaders in one team with guardian, and the second one is epic lag: you don’t start in the new round if you died in the last one.

To start with the Guardian bug, here’s what happened. The game just started as usual, but then something strange happened. There first was a message that the opponents leader was dead… but just as fast, a new tracking thing appeared like there was a second leader. When that person was killed, there was another message about a killed leader, but our leader was still alive… 2 leaders?

It looks like that, because the ending stats also did show 2 leaders in the opposing team.  But it’s strange that the first leader didn’t come back alive… so it’s useless to have 2 leaders in your team, if you are the second leader, you only will be found faster. But a bug is a bug, and epic should fix it.

*update* You ARE (sort of) invincible as a team if you have 2 leaders, I had it a second time this day, and it proofed that if the opposing team has 2 leader, you can only win if you kill the second leader while the first one is dead. I hope I can get a link to a screenshot I’ve made as proof.

The other bug is far more irritating. If you have a bit of lag, and you die at the end of the round, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to play the next round. You will start in observation view, and sometimes you are even able to shoot from that view (just at one point… but you can shoot)… but it seems that you can also get killed if that’s the case. It really ruins the online multiplayer, and of course, they should fix it.

I hope that Epic really releases a patch to fix the current glitches and bugs, because GoW2 seems to become a little bit unplayable online… If they do so, I can start to find some real interesting things to write about, not this bullcrap.

Stay tuned.


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