GoW2 ranked matchmaking glitch: 6vs4

Posted in glitches on November 24th, 2008 by Flo
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Not only is the Gears of War 2 Matchmaking as slow as hell, but there’s also an opportunity to turn the matchmaking system to your advantage: 6vs4. That means, you are with a party of 6 against a random team who can only team up with 4 persons because your 6th party member is taking up the last slot. Here’s how I think you do it (only happened to me once, and it was a accident, so I couldn’t take a picture because the 6th player won’t appear in the player list and people always seem to scatter around the level, but I’ll describe it as good as I can and I’m quite sure that there were 6 players on my team).

– First of all Team up with 5 people in one party, with invites.

– Invite the 6th person, but DON’T let him accept it… yet.

– Now start the matchmaking, and try to let the 6th player join as soon as you’ve found an opposing team. This probably needs incredible timing, but I can assure you that it’s possible to do it. You can also try to just let him join while you’ve started matchmaking, maybe that works too.

– IF everything is OK, and that’s what happened to me, you will find the 6th player under your party, but it blinks, and you get a warning that you have one player too much, but then the pre-game lobby opens, and he’s in it with you. You’ll see one opponent missing (so they are with 4), and the extra player isn’t listed in your team.

When the match start, you have 6 players on your team, and the other team just has 4 players, and that could be in your advantage ;-).

As soon as the match is over, your extra member will be kicked from the party.

Maybe Epic should patch this glitch, along with the other glitches and the slow matchmaking system, it will really save the game. I hope that someone can confirm the glitch with pictures or a video. Next to this advantage of partying up online with GoW2, it seems that partying up with 5 people really is speeding the matchmaking up, so party up people!


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  1. john Says:

    Well this is gay. jesus its hard enough trying to have a decent game without all the lag and glitches. now we gotto go 6 on 4. what next invincibility cheat.

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