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About 12 days ago, a new free to play arcade game was released for your xbox 360 and I must say the timing couldn’t be better with the holidays coming up: enough time to waste on a new game. The only question is if this Doritos sponsored game is able to amuse you longer than half an hour…

It must be said that the main idea of this game is crazy, but very original: T-rex dinosaurs hunting in cities for Doritos trucks… You must have a pretty distorted mind to come up with that. An even bigger miracle than the idea itself is that it works.

You can either play the T-rex campaign in which you hunt for trucks while destroying whole cities in your frenzy to get them, or you can play the delivery truck campaign where you dash away in the hope not getting eaten by the killer dinosaur. The first campaign is probably the most fun, destroying whole cities, but the second one is surely a bit harder to play, although neither of them are very challenging. I guess the fun of the campaigns (and the rest of this game) lies within the crazy concept and the weird upgrades for you truck and your T-rex.

Destroying the cityUnfortunately there’s not a lot more to do after you’ve cleared both campaigns in about 15 minutes (30 minutes if you really take your time to enjoy it). And there is the weak point of this game. Because the campaign is so easy and short, you will be finished with it in no time, and you will have 190/200 gamer points. There’s no real challenge after that.

If you have people who can play with you, you can expand the life of this game with a few more minutes playing the multiplayer. I must say that this multiplayer is very enjoyable for a free game, and it has a very easy and intuitive game play, so it’s ideal if you have guests who have never touched a xbox controller. Unfortunately there’s no online multiplayer, which would have extremely expanded the lifespan of this game, as would online leader boards (you now will have to post your scores on ninjabee’s forums).

Overall it’s a nice game and it’s very kind of Doritos to release it to us for free (more companies should do that, really). The only weak point of the game is the lifespan, if you don’t have a lot of people in  your house who want to play this game with you, you’re done with this game in 15 minutes (competing with your own scores just ain’t fun). If you do have people who want to play with you, you can stretch the lifespan to about an hour or two. However, it’s free and you should download it, even if it’s only because of the easy gamer points.

Score: 6/10


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