Install the C&C gold edition on Windows Vista

Posted in Free Games on December 10th, 2008 by Flo
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About a year ago, the Command & Conquer Gold Edition was released as a free download. As a RTS fan, I really like it, but the downside of the game is that it’s quite old, so it’s not directly compatible with windows Vista (the installer even crashes if you do something wrong). So here’s a short guide how to get it working on Vista.

This guide starts off with the installing of the game. If you’ve already done that, you may skip the first few steps.


  1. Burn the ISO’s to a CD ROM or mount it.
  2. Let the auto run start, and start the installer
  3. Now just follow the installation, but be careful to NOT install the DirectX, this will let the installer crash. Don’t start the game directly after the installation.

Letting it work:

  1. To let it work, you need to download the unofficial patch from gamespot.
  2. After downloading it, install the unofficial patch in the right way.
  3. Browse to the map that contains the “C&C95” file and right click it, go to properties -> compatibility.
  4. Now you see ┬áthe box “compatibility mode” Check the little box, and choose “Windows 95”. Disable the visual themes and run the application as administrator, then press OK.
  5. If everything is alright it should work now, have fun!

NOTE: make sure that you don’t alt-tab back to the desktop while running C&C95, there’s a chance that your resolution will change and stays changed.


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