The corruption caused by High Definition Televisions

Posted in opinion on December 6th, 2008 by Flo
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WIth the coming of the so called “next gen” console, it was possible to play games with better graphics than usual by buying a High Definition (HD) television. First I was pretty skeptical about that, but now I have one, I can’t agree more: a HD television really boosts up the graphics. However, better graphics don’t seem to be the only reason why you should buy a HD television these days. Some games are nearly unplayable if you don’t have one.

A few days ago, I switched back to a normal CRT wide screen television, and it occurred to me that the game I was trying to play, Battlefield: Bad Company, was unplayable online. Not because the people I played against were better, but because some things had become so vague that they limited my score. First of all, people that were far away, seemed to blur into the background (well, that happens…), and secondly my map was so cropped, that all the white lines on it blurred together, and the different marks (ammo, players, vehicles) were unrecognisable, and I’m really addicted to my map. Clearly, the map can’t be read without an HD television.

Another example is Dead Rising. The texts on the screen are so incredibly small, that you must put your face inside your television to read them… that is, without a HD television. Although the whole user interface seems unusable if you don’t use a HD television.

Gears of War 2, famous for it’s totally erroneous matchmaking system, also seems to be made for High Definition televisions. While collecting the various collectibles, it occurred to me that the texts of these collectibles are totally unreadable, even if you sit next to your TV. The numbers that appear when counting down before the match begins are way too small to see a difference between a 3 and a 6.

You could say that I can’t see it because my eyes are bad, or because I’m used to HD quality, but I don’t think that’s true. The Dead Rising incident even took place before I had a HD television, and more people seem to have trouble with it, so there’s only one option remaining: the game industry is focusing on HD televisions.

I think this is bad because of a few reasons. First of all, not everyone can afford a HD tv. Second of all, the HD option should be there because IF you are so lucky to have a HD tv, you can have better graphics, but you should be able to play every game on every working standard sized television. I don’t want to be forced to play on a large HD television. Next to that, the game industry is selling games that seem playable until you try them out. There’s no sort of warning that you need a HD television to be able to see everything, so some people pay for a game they can’t play without being irritated because they can’t read some text. It reduces your gaming experience, and that’s bad.

In other words: the game industry should stop producing games that contain texts or graphics that aren’t visible on a normal CRT television. And if they do, they should at least put a warning on the box that some parts of the game are unreadable when using a normal television so they stop deceiving their buyers.


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