Epic’s second GoW2 patch fails

Posted in news on January 23rd, 2009 by Flo
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A couple of days ago the new Gears of War 2 patch was released and the expectations were high since the game was nearly unplayable in it’s old state because of the lag and the large amount of bugs. Although some bugs have been fixed, most gamers will see this patch as yet another failed attempt to make the GoW2 multiplayer playable. Let’s find out why.

Since the first patch, some improvements were made in the matchmaking system to make it faster, making the game actually playable for the first time… well for a short time that is. Shortly after this improvement I noticed that nearly all games were laggy. Of course, this lag produced more factors that rendered Gears of War 2 unplayable: Host advantages (something quite normal with lag) and the legendary “no-weapon-glitch” which screwed up the rest of the gameplay.

The reason why there’s so much lag seems to be that Gears of War 2 does not make the player with the best connection host… Besides that, it seems that if the host is inactive at start up, there will be lag anyway till the host moves. A problem that lies within Gears of War 2 itself, and that seems pretty patchable.

The second thing that made GoW2 unplayable were the early leaving people. One moment you are with a team, the second moment everyone is gone. Normally, I don’t care about this, but there are times when the host disconnects. In most modern games, this isn’t a problem, but in GoW2 it is. When the host leaves, no new host is selected and the game ends. As a bonus, all players in the game will get a penalty for early leaving (this has even demoted me once).

Next to these major problems, there are some other irritations in the form of minor bugs/glitches like the “jump over a shield and go through the doors” on pavilion glitch, which is extremely easy to do, and can get you a lot of kills with it, including taking out the enemy leader on guardian.

So, after this whole story: WHY does the second Gears of War patch fail? The answer is quite simple: It does NOT fix ANY of the bugs named above, and these are the most irritating ones. Epic even made the “host left -> penalty for all players” bug a bit worse by giving larger penalties for early leavers. Of course, they have fixed some small bugs that were quite hard to trigger (Kung Fu Flip… invisibility… etc.), they’ve done some balancing (or so they say, I don’t even notice the difference),  and the Hail map is really improved (no grenade advantage anymore), but the most essential bugs which make the game unplayable, like the extreme lag, are still there.

The score: After two patches we’ve got an unplayable game, some worthless achievements with which they try to boost the Combustible Map Pack sales and a lot of wasted time. I can not say that I have every seen this in any game before in my life. Similar problems were solved on CoD4 with one or two patches. What irritates me the most is that the patches are so ineffective that the only use seems to be to promote the premium map pack, but what can I do about it? Nothing…

There’s still a little bit of hope if I read the official forum post. They will try, notice the “try” in this sentence, to fix the other problems, and patch them in the future… Sounds to me like they’ve abandoned the project, but we’ll see. If they plan to do something about it, they better do it fast, because I don’t really see the fun in this game anymore… I got better things to do than lagging around.

Thank you Epic!


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2 Responses to “Epic’s second GoW2 patch fails”

  1. kjun Says:

    Since i got this game, multiplayer is fun. except…..
    1. the only way to stop a f***ing noob with a chainsaw is to down or kill them. This is rediculousely frustrating when i feed three shotgun shells into them and they still keep coming. They’ve removed any though as to HOW you’ll get close enough to chainsaw and let you be damn near invincible while revving it.
    2. i’ve played around 600 matches, all except two had a lag of 1/2 a second or worse.
    3. get rid of the concussion ability for smoke grenades. if there’s one behind a corner that you trigger, you can run and dive 20 yards away, and it’ll still knock you down.
    4. sometimes it takes fours point-blank shotgun shells to down a guy, sometimes just one. Im running around a corner when a guy pops out, no bashing or nothing, and he kills me with one body shot.

    The game has come from being a great tactic-based shooter to a frenzy where your spoon-fed the violence, rather than earning it. I will never play multiplayer ever again for this game.

  2. stone Says:

    Yea i experienced a lot of the same issues with that pos game..im still waiten for GEARS OF WAR 2 to drop..hopefully its good

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