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Posted in opinion on May 7th, 2009 by Flo
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gow2 logoMy last post about Gears of War 2, explaining the results of the last patch, was really a bit positive, and I still think that it’s better than it was, but some little things about the lag and matchmaking are a little bit different than I thought they were.

Beginning with the lag, ┬áit’s not gone at all, but it does seem to be really time depending. When it’s quiet at xbox live, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of lag, but in the evenings, it strikes. The worst thing about it is that it seems to be worse than it was when there’s an incredible lag. Not because there’s more lag, but because of the bots. When a few people leave, some bots come in the game, and they don’t have lag, so they kill you. Next to that, the host doesn’t seem to have any lag either, so it’s quite unfair. Especially because of the leaving penalty. I also have the vague idea that the lag is forcible if you’re host, it just happens to much.

Another new thing is the seemingly invincible mode that some players have in the game. The interesting thing is that it always happens to the same people in the same game, and they always seem to end first… True, they aren’t really invincible, but they seem to be able to absorb the total damage of a shotgun shot when standing next to the shooter. Although a simple grenade or a headshot with a sniper will kill him instantly.

In my last post I also said that the matchmaking time has become shorter. This is true when it’s quiet at xbox live, but in the evenings it seems to stay as bas as it was: 5 minutes or more. A total waste of your time.

Another thing in the matchmaking caught my eye, and that is that it’s totally unfair. The matchmaking system seems to put you in a team of your skill, so far it’s alright, but the system seems to fail time after time at putting you against a similar skilled team. And the funny part is that you can really see it coming with the new ranking system. If you are put in a team with level 1’s and level 2’s (it’s fair so far) and if you are teamed up against a team of level 30 and higher, you just feel it’s going to be a walk over, and it nearly always is.

Well, that’s it for GoW2, maybe I’ll make a full review about it in the short future ahead, but I don’t think it’s really needed if people read my posts about it. It just ain’t as good as people say it is. Because the situation will probably not change about the lag, I won’t post about it again till a possible next patch, that probably isn’t coming.


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